Obtain a Quote


Where possible always get 3 quotes from pattern imprinted specialists.

  • Ask for a list of jobs you look at.
  • When you receive the list a good idea to speak to some of the homeowners to first check the said company has actually installed that driveway and to see how the job went overall.
  • Check the company address is not a box number as you will find it hard to contact if there is a problem.
  • Ask for driveways to look at that have been installed for longer than 5 years.

Ask how long the company has been doing pattern imprinted and make sure they have enough experience, as you can not install a good quality pattern imprinted driveway or patio if they have been trained on a 2 day course. Once you have looked into each company you should have a good quality company.

Our process for quotations is as follows.

After you have contacted us via phone or email we arrange a time that suits you to come and measure the area and discuss the process of pattern imprinting.

  • We then send out a quotation in writing to you with a list of driveways that covers many area s.
  • you can then choose which ones you want to view.
  • Then you may drive past and see the workman ship and check that the levels are all correct and maybe speak to some of the homeowners and check they are happy with the work.
  • You can then contact us to say you are happy to go ahead.
  • We then come out once again to discuss all the details like pattern colours and when you require the work to start.
  • Cobble Print completes an order form with you, so that you have a copy of the work schedule of details, colours and patterns etc that you have requested. We do not take any money in advance, but we do take a deposit on the day work commences.